Bell. End.

I was in my flat all day yesterday, watching the second half of the bob dylan biopic, everything was getting very serious. I had to go to the internet shop to look for jobs and yes everything got more serious. so i typed up a new blog about my bog then thought i wanna go out n get some food. jumped out at Stockpot for some cheap grub, sat next to a bloke who sounded just like david belamy, i thought it was, it wasnt. things were no longer serious.
i havent been out on the gay scene in ages, i thought fuck it i’ll go on me own, i was dying for a snog. wat a slag am i. so i went to trash palace, read me book n phoned me mates. while readin i saw some ded camp boy chatting then snogging this girl really camp-like…it make a-me-laff. while reading i heard this model twat talk n talk n talk about paris, n milan n all that shite. n the worst thing was, was that people were eagerly listening. i read n read n wanted fun so thought fuck it…
i went to g.a.y bar, jesus that place is colourful, like candyfloss, cheap naff n cheesey, jus what i needed. i bumped into some one from liverpool, as ya do, who was wearing a suit, wat he wear a suit for? i ask. he say he has jus been to parliament, as ya do. i ask why so? he say he is something to do with the tories. the tories?! i say. i hate the fucking tories. i say.
he a gay
from liverpool
he aint switched his brain on…
he a gay
from liverpool
he aint switched his brain on…
i-hate-tories-with-a-passion…i bad tho i rip the piss out of him, but i dont feel bad, tell him to switch his brain on. yeah i like people who oppressed and prevented sexual health about woofters in school. yeah i like people who closed down all the unions. yeah i like people who enabled a warrant to stop n search black people. yeah i like people who dont give a fuck about the working classes. yeah i really like those people.
some singer was sitting next to him…i was saying in between “i know you from a band” erm “d-ream”, “m-people”…no it was worse than that, much worse, tory boy told me it was andy bell from erasure…ooh i hate erasure they make my skin crawl, i used to work in a shit cinema (you couldnt watch the films while you worked…wheres the fun in that-?) when we were tidying up the projectionist used to play erasure really loud. im so glad that im younger than that era so that i didnt have to watch some ones fat arse covered in bright plastic mincing to that fuckin hound dog, ded dog, deseased dog, hung dog shite. i would have prefered to have picked up my ded dog’s shit with my own hands than listen to that music.
well when mr bell was leaving i asked him “are you a tory” he didnt answer, but he said that the tories
…”can change”…
what a bell

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4 Responses to Bell. End.

  1. hanaihoney says:

    Lol cute! I had to look up what snog was. Very interesting life you have my dear.

  2. mandymcadoo says:

    Slag! I love british slang.

  3. Sandra says:

    Interesting post.

  4. lisaboyle4u says:

    Enjoyed reading the post. 🙂

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