Army of Them

Some stupid fool am I, always on a path to some such nonsense, thinking that one day will be my day. Can’t I jus Big Lebowski it n forget about it, forget it’ll ever happen n enjoy doin nothin. Can’t I jus 9-5 it n wait till I die it would be alot easier that way. No. please. but the money would be good, yeah maybe I’ll do it.
This kind of thought rears some ugly beings out there, tits like these attract each other, in the hope that one will help the other and the other will help one get above the rest to be that specail somethink. They all flatter, flirt, grovvel, chatter, boast, try and outdo the other (think Grace from BB) “be like them you too will rise up above all the losers down below” (I don’t think so) till you have a swarm of them, one makes the other and rears the other to be like this. Till you’ve got a horrible noise, a wierd fake atmosphere that gears up the next shite minute, hour, day, week for the people who have to work around it. Luckily I’ve been lucky I’ve been able in later life to carry on with my shit n leave their shite with them.
But everynow n then one of them pops up. Normally they’re not good at what they do-so you can smile, laugh n drink to life…if they are good you can kind of forgive it for a sec…but really there’s no kind of kindness given to this kind of tool (but a tool allows things to function?oh yeah maybe that still works)
Always find them round the “arts” quarters, or retail, or as supervisors, or lecturers, students, everywhere. In the hope that one day they will be that special somethink. Came across one the other day, made me laugh, made me quiet, round this type I either close in or shout as loud as I can to get rid of the fucker.
I don’t wanna look at no ones armpits less they’re my lovers, then I’ll do somethin, almost anythin for em. This tit had his armpit thrust up my nostril, feelin uncomfortable in all ways, I wanting to eat my pizza but this tit wanted to chat like a twat about what he’s up2. I ain’t no friend, it’s obvious. Don’t begin ignorin someone then want recognition, want snivvelling up, like some poor pathetic twat. That’s what I got, ignore me then he wants more of me. But he jus ignore me-why he want more from me? HE WANT ME TO SNIVVEL. I’m not his lover, his brother, aunt, sister, foster carer, even then I wouldn’t…
But still people do. Please don’t ever snivvel at the tools, you’ll only cultivate their supposide “trait” that gets them through the day. Keeps them like them, n others becoming n forming an army of them. N we wouldn’t want that.
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2 Responses to Army of Them

  1. Robert Lew says:

    It would be good to Big Lebowski it, so many times, I think… At the “office” on Monday (I work at a university school of art) the semester is starting back, again.

    Good to have an income with bennies, of course. And the faculty will be descending from Mount Olympus, as they do after their summertimes (research trips to various Frances, Italies, you name it). We will get through it, as usual… It’s good, just makes me want to punch my own face, occasionally. lol!

    Anyway, I hope you blog abides… 🙂

  2. superb blog post, greatly appreciated the info!

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